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The Women’s Group provides sterilization procedures to patients who no longer wish to have children in Pensacola, Florida, and the surrounding area. These procedures act as a permanent form of birth control and prevent any future pregnancies.

Sterilization Q & A

What’s sterilization?

Sterilization, is a procedure used to end a woman’s fertility, and helps prevent a woman from being able to conceive a child naturally.

What types of sterilization are available?

Our team at The Women’s Group offer several types of sterilization procedures, including Essure®, tubal ligation, and hysterectomy. A patient determines which of these procedures is best after discussing each option with her doctor.

What is Essure?

Essure is a hysteroscopic sterilization procedure that requires no incision. During this procedure, a surgeon places coils in the fallopian tube. The body produces scar tissue in the area, which then blocks the tubes and prevents pregnancy.

What is tubal ligation?

During tubal ligation, a surgeon cuts or blocks the fallopian tubes so that pregnancy cannot occur. Tubal ligation requires an incision, and the procedure is more invasive than Essure.

What is a hysterectomy?

During a hysterectomy, a surgeon removes the uterus and/or ovaries. With these organs gone, the woman cannot conceive, and undergoes surgical menopause. In comparison to the other procedures, a hysterectomy is a major surgery that carries more risk.

Who should undergo sterilization?

The Women’s Group recommends sterilization for women who know they don’t want to conceive in the future. It’s not recommended for anyone who isn’t sure whether they want more children. Patients should discuss their sterilization options with their partners and/or doctors before making a decision.

Can sterilization be reversed?

Though some types of sterilization are reversible, and tubal ligation can be reversed with another surgical procedure, reversal is risky and may not be effective. For this reason, The Women’s Group recommends that women only opt for sterilization if they don’t want to conceive a child in the future. If you’re considering sterilization, call or schedule an appointment with the trusted physicians at The Women’s Group.

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